Anette Prehn (MA) is an original thinker and communicator and a sought-after speaker and facilitator. She is on a mission to make applied neuroscience accessible to all. After 12 years as an entrepreneur, she has firmly established herself as a pioneer in the field and she is the go-to person when it comes to turning the cutting-edge insights of neuroscience into down-to-earth tools for learning, leadership and change management. Her elegance in conveying complex knowledge about the brain in a light, playful and powerful way has made clients compare her “to the likes of Cruyff in using neuroscience to help people in business and in life” and call her “the Danish Stephen Covey”.

She is the MD of Centre for Brain-Based Leadership and Learning and the author of five books about the rules of the brain. Anette Prehn is a Sociologist by training and has a deep interest in social interaction and how knowledge of the brain can improve the interactions of humans, whether these are in relation to other people, habit change, learning processes or leadership and change management. She has a knack for translating complex knowledge into metaphors and tools that are easy to understand, remember and apply. Anette Prehn bridges the enormously productive research fields of applied neuroscience and the everyday lives of people insisting that all human beings deserve to know and master the playing rules of the brain.

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