In November 2016, my latest book BrainSmart Leadership was published by People’s Press in Denmark. It is a book about the playing rules of the brain written to leaders in a down-to-earth language. Since leaders constantly (but often unknowingly) facilitate brain processes in others, most notably in their employees, it is absolutely key that they understand how the brain works. So if you already know and can apply principles like:

  • Self-directed neuroplasticity
  • Use it or Lose it
  • Neurons that fire together, wire together (Hebb’s Law)

Then DON’T BUY this book. However, if the playing rules of the brain are new to you, you may well want to dive deeper.

This book does not sweet-talk leaders. It challenges their perceptions and behaviours while inviting them to brain-base their leadership. It includes chapters like:

  • Hard data to master soft skills
  • Take emotions with a pinch of salt
  • The ABC of the amygdala (the brain’s threat response)
  • Future fog paralyses the thinking brain
  • Understand the importance of values … and practice
  • Reframing – and why it ought to be in the water, we drink
  • Make the most of procrastination

You can read more about the book here: Brainsmart Leadership Jacket


“A great book to get a bigger impact as a leader. Anette Prehn knows how to provoke the thinking and habits of leaders and writes in a formidable way. World-class!” Trine Brahm, Novozymes, Head of Leadership & Talent

“Anette Prehn reveals why it is logical to develop the so-called “soft skills” and this makes life a lot easier for technical leaders like me. Unique science communication that strikes home!” Allan Nyland Christensen, LEGO, Director Corporate IT Portfolio Management

“’BrainSmart Leadership’ offers a fantastic toolkit to cope and work with change. As a leader, I find great inspiration in Anette Prehn’s light and metaphorical approach to complex issues. Her books stimulate eureka moments and make it easy to apply the new knowledge.” Vibeke Bak Solok, Danske Bank, Executive Vice President, Group Risk Management



Until BrainSmart Leadership is out in English, you are welcome to follow this blog. You may also find inspiration and gain insights from my book “Play Your Brain” which has literally changed the lives of people around the planet. Feel free to read their testimonials here. Or find the book on Amazon.

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