Anette Prehn is currently working on 7 mini books on the rules of the brain written so that children from the age of 10 and teenagers can understand and gain from them. After having written five books for adults on the rules of the brain (one out in English so far: “Play Your Brain”), Anette Prehn has decided to enhance the life quality and learning of children and youth by sharing with them the core rules of the brain.

The first two mini books are now out in English as well and can be ordered from here. BUY NOW

The two mini books are profoundly recommended by two Danish top professors, Troels W. Kjaer and Per Schultz Joergensen:

Troels W. Kjær, brain researcher, medical director, and professor recommends Anette Prehn’s first mini book: “Full of knowledge, Anette Prehn leads us on the paths of the brain to a deeper understanding of how the brain assists us in everyday life. This book gives children, teenagers and everyone else insight into many important aspects of our wonderful brain. The book focuses on the brain both in terms of development throughout generations and regarding an individual’s ability to change the wiring of the brain, so that we can be courageous, happy and tackle issues with ease. I recommend it greatly.”

Per Schultz Joergensen, professor of social psychology, author of “Robust Children” (2017) recommends Anette Prehn’s second mini book:
“In ‘Become Friends with the Brain’s Amygdala’, Anette Prehn translates complicated physiological knowledge into highly useful mental exercises for children – at eye level. These are easy to apply, not the least because the book gives children a language to help them bridge the gap between their emotions in challenging social situations and a healthy, constructive handling of them. Through the book, children learn to understand, accept and regulate emotions and develop a sound inner compass. By placing anxiety, fear and stress in the amygdala, the child gains the ability to reflect and act more freely. This book is a great tool for strengthening children’s resilience!”

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You can order your copies here: £10 GBP for 2 minibooks + £4 for international postage. A total of £14 GBP (approx. 113 DKK or 18 USD).

Buy both of the books now for £14 GBP including shipping (approx. 113 DKK or $18 USD).