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Here you’ll find pictures of Anette Prehn. She happily contributes to press stories, but due to her very busy calendar she gives priority to:

  • Larger and more thorough articles that give their readers a greater understanding of how to apply neuroscience and sociale psychology to everyday life,
  • Portraits,
  • Interviews lasting 5+ minutes in radio, TV and online.

If you’d like to know a bit about Anette Prehn’s work with translating complex knowledge to everyday language, feel free to browse this blog or read Play Your Brain before you write/call.

You can contact Anette Prehn via her email or mobil 60706022.

Anette Prehn (1975) is a Danish Sociologist, keynote speaker, facilitator and author of five published books about the rules of the brain. 10 years ago she realised that the brain follows certain logics, but that hardly anyone knows them. Even among the ones who’ve heard about them, most do not know how to apply the them. Anette Prehn’s ambition is to communicate neuroscience and social psychology in outstanding and down-to-earth ways: ways that make it easy to understand, remember and apply those logics. She does this in her BRAINSMART trilogy: bestselling books about key brain logics. Her only book out in English so far is Play Your Brain and her books have so far been translated into Chinese, Russian, German, Norwegian and Swedish. 



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