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If you are interested in booking a workshop (2+ hours), please then get in touch via
If you are interested in Anette Prehn to contribute at an international speaking event, please then contact A-Speakers via
If you wish for Anette Prehn to give an eye-opening and engaging speech somewhere in Denmark, please connect with Athenas via

Share your experiences with Anette Prehn

If you are already applying the brainsmart insights to your daily life, feel free to share your experiences with Anette Prehn. It could be your input that will inspire her to go down a new path and create new metaphors and tools. And maybe it will be your experience which will be used, anonymously of course, in Anette’s next book thus inspiring tens of thousands of other people.

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anette-prehn-c4-009If you are interested in being up to date with Anette Prehn’s work and books, you are welcome to “like” her on LinkedIn or Facebook and thus get the first tips re new articles, appetisers from coming books and competitions re the logics of the brain. Anette respects your time and will only share what she finds to be hightly relevant and useful.

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Mobile: +45 60 70 60 22
Skype: anetteprehn



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