Anette Prehn (1975) is an original thinker, communicator, and sought-after speaker and facilitator. She is a sociologist (MA) and has clients from Maersk, Grundfos, Danfoss, Bosch, Novo, Siemens, Ericsson, Roche, Novozymes and numerous public organisations.

Anette Prehn is an external speaker at Copenhagen Business School and the author of more than 20 books, including BrainSmart Leadership and Play Your Brain (translated into Chinese, 玩樂到腦, and Russian, Музыка мозга). 

”If research doesn’t reach and add value to ordinary people – what is the point?”

Anette Prehn,

Anette Prehn is on a mission to make applied neuroscience and social psychology accessible to all. An entrepreneur since 2005, she has firmly established herself as a pioneer in the field and the go-to person when it comes to turning the cutting-edge insights of neuroscience into down-to-earth tools for learning, leadership and change management. She is impossible to pigeonhole – so don’t even try 🙂

Realising that the brain follows a certain logic but that most people don’t know this set Anette Prehn out on her journey: Bringing research out of the academic Ivory Tower and translating it in ways that make it easy to understand, remember, and apply.

When neuroscientists strive to make neuroscience easy to understand they say things like: “Neurons that fire together, wire together”, “Self-directed neuroplasticity” or “Use it or lose it”. However, most people have no clue what this means and how to gain from these key principles.

Anette’s speciality is to bridge neuroscience and real life via unique metaphors and easy-to-apply methods. Like an investor at Dragons’ Den, she helps out in various areas. But where the multimillionaires invest financial capital, Anette invests her creative-analytical capital in boosting various areas: Leadership, Learning, Parenting, Habit Change and Cognitive Flexibility.

With her unique energy and zest, Anette works at the intersection of the boardroom, the scientific laboratory and the playroom.

Anette has a knack for designing and executing powerful learning experiences with practical impact. Her training style is engaging, passionate and playful, using great examples, exercises and tailor-made cartoons to vivify complex knowledge and stimulate powerful new connections in the brains of the participants.

Anette is represented by the speaker’s bureaus A-Speakers (internationally) and Athenas (in Denmark).


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Worldwide, more than 75,000 students follow her online courses on reframing. She created the free online course: “The Neuroscience of Reframing – And How to Do It” con amore in order to reach people who may have a mobile phone, but not the finances or the chance to experience her courses or purchase her books.

The NeuroLeadership Journal published Anette’s article “Create Reframing Mindsets Through Framestorm” in 2012. In this, Anette introduces the Framestorm method; a method that has matured and developed powerfully since.

In 2009, Anette was honoured the title “Trainer of the Year – Leadership/Coaching” by the Norwegian event company Confex due to he unique teaching and facilitation style. 

Anette has lived in England and Switzerland for five years and now resides in Denmark.

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FLIP - the upcoming book

"FLIP" is an offshoot of the playful, experimental approach to practical plasticity that has guided Anette Prehn's work since 2005. She has developed the trademarked method Framestorm® which helps to grow the human "reframing muscle", i.e. the ability to identify a wider range of meaningful perspectives than the ones we habitually apply to situations. 

Knowing how to Framestorm - and understanding the 10 underlying neurological principles - is key to embracing diversity with genuine respect of one another (and not just as yet another box to be ticked). It is also key to emotion regulation and seeing opportunities and gifts during difficult times.

"FLIP" aims to be your manual for life: an invaluable companion to help you thrive and find meaning in the many changes, future fog and friction of the 21st century. It consists of 3 steps, 5 fingers and 50 perspectives.

"This book contains a revolutionary method to seeing relationships and challenges from new angles. With her Framestorm® method, Anette Prehn takes the reader by the hand precisely where you are stuck in a rigid position, where your thoughts run in circles and you can't see any possibilities. The book conveys in an easily accessible and refreshing way how the brain works. It contains lots of good points and cases - and deserves to become a bestseller with its clever, logical and sympathetic guidance."

Marianne Breds Geoffroy, specialist in psychiatry (PhD)

"A comprehensive Woodchucks Guidebook on relationships, self-perception, and not least, how one can flip—reinterpret—reality to fare better in the workplace and in private life."

From the 5-star review by Ulla Bechsgaard from Jyllands-Posten

So far, "FLIP" has been published in Danish. Anette Prehn is open to connect with international publishers re this title Feel free to reach out!

The Five Fingers of Framestorm® 

  • Thumb: The gifts
  • Index finger: The values
  • Middle finger: In someone else's shoes
  • Ring finger: Humour
  • Little finger: Learning